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Hurricane Epsilon Produced a “Century Swell” at …

nazare waves
Nazaré is a seaside town on Portugal’s Costa de Prata that is famous for producing some of the world’s biggest waves.. Like bees to a honeypot, that means the world’s top big-wave surfers can often be found in the water trying to ride the white horses. After learning that one of the largest swells ever was rolling into Nazarés shores on October 29th 2020, Olympic Channel travelled to

Nazaré: where surfers conquer the worlds biggest waves

The Praia do Norte (‘North Beach’) is a beach located in Nazaré, Portugal, which due to its giant white breaking waves is famed for its surfing conditions. Nazarés waves were listed on the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest waves ever surfed.

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The WSL Nazare Tow Challenge is taking place anywhere between November and the end of March, with the exact date being shared 2 days in advance based on the weather schedule. It’s one of the coolest big surfing events, especially considering how extraordinary and different these massive waves

Tourism Nazare - Nazaré Big Waves Surf - Portugal

These Nazare waves usually fire at their biggest during Winter storms but they’ve been treated to a late-October storm that’s created some of the largest waves the surfing world has ever seen. The storm is named Hurricane Epsilon because there were so many named storms this year they ran out of actual names and had to move to the Greek

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Big wave riders from all over the world come to this beach break in Nazaré, Portugal to surf the worlds biggest waves. From October through March you can find these giant waves, which also bring

Tourism Nazare - Nazaré Big Waves Surf - Portugal

Praia do Norte, Nazaré - Surf Forecast Report. Here you can see the detailed surf forecast report of Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal, powered by windguru. Usually when the Wave height is above 3 meters in the forecast (actually the Nazaré canyon can amplifies this value 3x), the period of the waves is above 14 seconds and the wind is not very strong and offshore, we have good conditions for big waves!


nazare waves
17 hours ago · To prove that point, Kai Lenny released this POV GoPro footage of him getting absolutely annihilated by an entire set of waves at Portugal’s famed big-wave spot, Nazaré.